X431 GX3 is a new automotive diagnostic product and designed by LAUNCH with the technology of ‘Open Control Platform for Vehicle’ representing the highest level of automotive diagnostic technology in the world. It has the function of read DTCs, read datastream, actuation test, sensor waveform display and ECU coding.100% brand new original launch X431 GX3 many Language & car brand free update.


-Convenient to Update
-Software Update available
-Multi-Language display makes this suitable to any country.

-With the Large LCD Touch Screen and Compact Design, the X431 is the most advanced auto diagnostic unit at present.
-Demountable Printer allows you to Print Fault Codes, Live Data, and Part Numbers for your auto.
-Very easy to use for beginers.

-Open Operating System allows customizability based LINUX
-X431 Interface supports third party development

PDA Functionality:
-X-431 has all the functionality of a PDA
-HandWriting Input
-Personal Database
-Extensive Vocabulary with English-Chinese Dictionary
-Allows management of users information

-Modern Design with functions which can be combined or used independently.
-Main Unit and Diagnostic Box can be used independently.
-Main Unit X431 can be used as a seperate PDA.
-The SmartBox can be connected to a PC to perform automobile diagnosis independently.
-Standard RS232 Interface is used to connect the SmartBox and its upper unit for expandability of multiple devices.

-Operating System: LINUX
-RAM: 16M
-CF card: 512M
-Main Unit I/O: standard serial/parallel port
-Main Unit Power Source: DC12V
-Main Unit pwer: about 9W
-Printer: High-Speed Thermal miniPrinter
-Printer Port: Standard Parallel Port
-Screen: 240 by 320 LCD Touch Screen with Back Light
Update support via CD and warranty of the machine quality for 12months from Launch factory.
We have English/French/Spanish/Turkey/Russian/Italy VERSION for this X431 DIAGUN,when you order this item,please tell us which version you want.
– Multiple Language Support
– User Defined Any Serial No. DIY support
– Update via CD / FTP with S/N we supplied
– Hardware from Launch GX3

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