Top 3 Popular Launch X431 Tool in July

July is ending, according the Launch X431 Store Selling information. i summary the top 3 selling launch x431 tools in July. 1.Launch Creader VI Launch Creader VI is professional obd2 code scanner which has new designed with full color QVGA LCD screen,blazing fast speedfor better graphing and live data readings. Supported language: English, Spanish, Russian,French, […]

Launch X431 Creader VII+(CRP123) with Multi-Language

Launch X431 Creader VII+(Launch CRP123) is multi-language diagnostic tool which support a wide range of car models with OBDII standard after 1996. It also has comprehensive functions of Launch CRP123,including the full function of OBDII /EOBD,and read and reset codes for Engine, automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system and airbag system. Launch CRP123 support languages list: 1. Spanish […]

Launch MD4MyCar in App Store

Launch MD4MyCar is a plug and play device which allows you to wirelessly connect your vehicle’s onboard computer to your iPhone or iPod touch.It can be used to diagnose all the vehicles compatible with OBD2. Connection is made through your vehicle’s diagnostic socket(obdII) located near or under your steering column. The following App is compatible […]

Knowledge of Launch X431 Diagun III

Launch X431 Diagun III includes: X431 Diagun III main unit and DBScar diagnostic connector. See Fig.2-1. X431 Diagun III main unit communicates with the DBScar diagnostic connector via wireless Bluetooth (also supports cable connection). Port and Indicator Descriptions Fig. 2-2 shows all ports and indicators of X-431 Diagun III: Illustrates all ports and indicators of […]

Launch CResetter II Oil Lamp Reset Tool introduction

Launch CResetter II Oil Lamp Reset Tool Composition and appearance: Table 3-1 Button/Connetor/Indicator descriptions ① Exit ② Left ③ Up ④ USB interface ⑤ Down ⑥ Right ⑦ Confirm ⑧ OBDII connector ⑨ Update indicator (light while updating) Launch CResetter II Functions ◇Service lamp reset ◇Maintenance interval setting ( for some vehicles) Launch CResetter II […]

Main difference between Launch Super scanner and Launch X431 Master

Main difference between Launch Super scanner and Launch X431 Master                                              Product Name X431 super scanner X431 master Main Unit Consist of three parts: printer, main unit, diagnostic box All-in-one Serial No/SN Begin with number: 98024 Begin with number: 98064 Supported 16pin adapter OBDII-16OBDII-16CZhonghua-16pin adapterBMW-16pin adapterCANBUSIISUPER-16…… OBDII-16E More details you can check x431 master […]

Launch BST-760 Battery System Tester Pre-Test

Launch BST-760 Battery System Tester Pre-Test Connect Tester 1.Before test, clean battery poles with metal wire brush and alkaline detergent to avoid the tolerance caused by oil and dust to the test result. 2.For Group31 or side-installed battery, install and fix the terminal wiring connector. Otherwise, inaccurate test result will be caused due to wrong […]