Newest Launch X431 Software released on 2013.09.30

Newest Launch X431 Software released on 2013.09.30   Suzuki Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V34.30   ‘Compared with the previous version:                  The up”||”&”||”#100;ates are as follows:                  1. The ID support has been added.                  2. The […]

Newest Citroen Launch X431 Diagnostic Software V40.60

 Citroen Launch X431 Diagnostic Software Updated to V40.60  on 2013-09-29 ‘Compared with V40.50, up”||”&”||”#100;ates as following:         1. For car models of C3 series/ C4 series/ C2 (After 2006)/ BERLINGO(B9)/ C-QUATRE, total 9 gasoline engine systems, ME745/ J34P/ ME747/ ME744/ MM6LP/ M744/ V34.1/ ME749/ MED17.4.2, have been added with version information, reading DTCs, reading data stream, actuation test, […]

Launch X431 Heavy-duty Series Universal Diagnostic Software V10.0

Universal Diagnostic Software for X431 Heavy-duty Series V10.0 This is the first version, and the following systems have been added with specific diagnostic functions: 1. BOSCH EDC16C39 system: read version information, read DTCs, clear DTCs, read data streams, actuation test, engine test, and read injector code. 2. BOSCH common rail 4D22E system: read version information, […]

Launch X431 Creader VII+(CRP123) with Multi-Language

Launch X431 Creader VII+(Launch CRP123) is multi-language diagnostic tool which support a wide range of car models with OBDII standard after 1996. It also has comprehensive functions of Launch CRP123,including the full function of OBDII /EOBD,and read and reset codes for Engine, automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system and airbag system. Launch CRP123 support languages list: 1. Spanish […]