X431 Diagun III is the new product from Launch, After it been on the market, it has had many users. And many users have questions about install the battery, TF card and others. Here is the post to teach you how to install them.


How to install Launch X431 Diagun III battery
Install steps are described as below:
1. Follow Fig.a to push the bottom cabinet forward to open position, and then remove it.
2. Take out the battery form the package box and install it as indicated on Fg.b.
3. Cover the reader cabinet and push it backwards to the original position, as shown on Fig.c.
To disassemble the battery, reverse the steps that you followed to install the battery.

How to install Launch X431 Diagun III TF card
Installation steps are as follows:
1. Take out the TF card from package box.
2. Insert the TF card into the X-431 Diagun III TF card slot perpendicularly. Make sure it is fully inserted in the right place with the “micro “label facing upward. See Fig.d and e.
Launch X431 Diagun III Connections
Cable (wired) Connection Procedure of X-4311 Diagun III:
1. Connect one end of the diagnostic cable to the USB port of X-431 Diagun III main unit;
2. Connect the other end of the diagnostic cable to the Micro USB port of the DBScar diagnostic connector;
3. Find out the vehicle’s DLC;
4. Plug the 16 PIN end of DBScar diagnostic connector into the vehicle’s DLC and the power indicators of X-431 Diagun III main unit and DBScar connector will light up.
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