Launch BST-760 Battery System Tester Pre-Test

Launch BST-760 Battery

Launch BST-760 Battery System Tester Pre-Test

Connect Tester

1.Before test, clean battery poles with metal wire brush and alkaline detergent to avoid the tolerance caused by oil and dust to the test result.

2.For Group31 or side-installed battery, install and fix the terminal wiring connector. Otherwise, inaccurate test result will be caused due to wrong installation or dirty or bad wiring connectors.

3.While testing, ensure none of the in-vehicle electrical appliance is on, doors are closed and the ignition key is in OFF status.

4. Connect the red test clamp with battery anode and the black one with cathode.

5.Shake the clamps back and forth to make sure they are well connected.

The tester requires the two clamps are well connected with the battery poles. Otherwise, the test cannot go on. When enter the battery test program, a prompt message “Check Connection” will appear on the screen. In this case, try to clean the poles and re-connect it properly.The tester features reverse polarity protection function. When clamps are reversely connected, tester will prompt “Reverse Connection”, which generates no adverse effect on the tester and the automotive load.


For parallel connected batteries, break off the cathode connection first, then do single test to each battery. If cathode connection is not cut off, there will be error in test result.

Key Description

●  Up / Down keys
Select upwards or downwards via white UP and DOWN keys.
●  Return key
Return to previous menu via blue RETURN key.
●  OK key
Confirm the selection via green OK key
●  MENU key
Enter additional function program via MENU key.
●  Power key
Turn on/off the tester (Refer to 3.2 Tester Startup).

Connect Current Clamp


To test cranking amps and charging current, first connect the current clamp before startup, then turn on the current clamp power switch. After tester is powered on, the current clamp is able to work.Press the reset key of the current clamp and connect the current clamp jaw to the anode wire between the battery to be tested and the generator. See below picture. Key PhotoLAUNCH BST-760 Battery System Tester User ManualAs the minimum width of the current clamp jaw is only 28mm, choose the connecting cable or connection pole with diameter less than 28mmto test. Otherwise, the current clamp jaw cannot close completely.


1. The current clamp jaw must be closed to avoid test tolerance.
2. The current clamp uses 9V alkaline battery. Turn the clamp off after using it.
3. Before testing the current, remove the current clamp from the battery positive cable, and reset.

More details please visit Launch BST-760 Battery System Tester user manual

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