Launch BST-760 compare with Launch BST-460 Battery Tester

Launch BST-760 and Launch BST-460 look very similar, they both are car battery Tester produced by Launch company. But they are in the price has a large gap, they have what different?

First of all, on the appearance and configuration of hardware, you’ll find out BST-760 has a built-in printer. In the aspect of function, BST-760 is not only has BST-460 all function but also possess of some another functions. For example, BST-760 can store 100 groups of test results data , ready at any time to view and print any of a group of test data. Another example is it has license plate number input function. Besides, it also has ammeter function, thermometer, QC mode and so on.

In a word, Launch BST-760 can provide a more comprehensive system diagnosis, but Launch BST-460 can meet the requirements of general users. So if you want to purchase one of them, you should combined with the actual need to decide.

Launch BST-760 Battery Tester Battery Function:

BST- 760 has 2 battery:one is used on the host, You can use BST-760 even without this battery but will not have backup power supply function.

the other battery is used on Detachable clamp.

The backup power supply function is the 15th auxiliary function. Some luxury vehicle ECU Power can’t be cut.If the power failure,it will be locked. So when change storage-battery for luxury vehicle, BST-760 can supply power to ECU.

 Launch BST - 760 Battery Tester

Launch BST - 460 Battery Tester

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