Launch X431 BENZ Diagnostic Software Updated to V46.30

BENZ Diagnostic Software for X431 Series V46.30 release on 2013.8.24

Compared with the V46.20:

1. For the X164/164/251 chassis, the CDI6BIN5, CDI6EU5 and CDI6BIN5EU6 engine systems have been added with Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Data streams, Actuation test and Special functions include:
(1) Adjustment of injector injection quantities.
(2) Regeneration of diesel particulate filter when driving
(3) Teaching in the diesel particulate filter after replacing the engine control unit.
(4) Learning of the throttle valve stop.
(5) Teach-in process after replacement of component Diesel particulate filter
(6) Teach-in process after replacement of component B28/8 (Pressure differential sensor (DPF))
(7) Teach-in process after replacement of component G3/2 (O2 sensor upstream of KAT)
(8) Teach-in process after replacement of component Y27/9(Left EGR positioner)
(9) Teach-in process after replacement of component Y74 (Pressure Control Valve)
(10) Activate fuel pump
(11) Reset quantity mean value adaptation data.
(12) Rapid teach-in of zero quantity calibration values
(13) Reset values for HFM drift compensation.
(14) Resetting air filter learned values after air filter replacement.

2. For the ABS, Suspension, Airbag, Instrument Cluster, the DTCs libraries have been updated.

3. For the 163, 461, 215, 463, 230, 168, 203, and 209 chassis, the Special functions have been added to the airbag system under non-CAN protocol.
Special functions mainly include:
(1) Reading coding and change if necessary
(2) Display coded vehicle data

4. The EasyDiag product support has been added

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