Before you bought one launch X431 CReader VII designed by launch tech, you should learn some reviews, such as: the battery of the launch x431 CReader VII can last long; I do not know how to use Launch x431 CReader VII. Then I think that must be true.

In fact, now I change my mind, several days ago I try to order one CReader VII at china uobd2 and receive it yesterday; they ship to me by DHL, very fast shipping. When I get it, it packed well and get no broken in the way. This is what I get CReader VII, have a look the whole package.
Creader VII package contains: 1xCreader VII with Standard 16-PIN OBD connector, 1x User’s manual, 1x USB cable,4x Dry cell, 1x CF card, 1x CF card reader. I think I am pleased with Creader VII 3.2 inch of screen and with LCD color display.
“the battery of x431 CReader VII can last long time.” –I don’t think so, there are 4 pieces of dry cell, when it runs out, I can buy a new one. And as for someone’s confusion that they don’t know how to use X431 CReader VII, it is not possible, CReader VII is a DIY fault code scanner, it is very easy to use, also there are one user manual in the package.

Let me show you what can it do with Launch CReader VII?

Functions menu:
1. Single model full system diagnosis:
2. All OBD functions:
Read/clear DTC
Real-time data stram
Readiness state test
Freeze frame data, etc.
3. DLC query function
4. DLC location alert
5. Abbreviation query
6. Buzzer alarm
7. USD or SD card upgrade
8. Record and playback test data
9. Data streams displayed in waveform
For more reviews, I would like to share with you in the next days. But I can help share with you the best China auto diagnostic tool center the service is very nice.