Launch X431 Diagnostic Software Update Information

Launch different car diagnostic software for X431 Series Update information:

1.Benz Commercial Vehicles Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V19.50

Compared with the previous version (V19.43), for 906 chassis, the ME, ETC, EWM, ESP, AAG, DBE, EIS, LWR, MRM, OBF, SAM, SRS, KI, TSG, KLA, PTC, ZHE, PSM, OBF2, SRS-L, PTS, VG, FSCU, STR, STL, KE, ASG, RDK(Up to 2010), and RDK(As of 2011) systems have been added with detailed category, read version information, read DTCs, clear DTCs, read data streams, actuation test, and special functions.

2.Mazda Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V38.10

Compared with the previous version (V38.00), 1. The following models with specific engine types have been improved. (1) CX-5 model: 2.0L(PE) (2) PREMACY/MAZDA5 models: 1.8L(L8), 2.0L(LF), and 2.5L(L5) (3) Biante(Japan) model: 2.0L(LF) (4) AXELA/MAZDA3 models: 1.6L(Z6), and 2.0L(LF) (5) CX-7(Europe/General Specs.) models: 2.2L(R2_T), and 2.3L(L3_T) (6) CX-7(Japan/General Specs.) models: 2.3L(L3_T), and 2.5L(L5) (7) CX-7(North America/General Specs.) models: 2.3L(L3_T), and 2.5L(L5) (8) Ranger/Mazda B-Series/Courier models: 2.2L(Duratorq-Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection), and 3.2L(Duratorq-Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection) 2. The text libraries in German, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese, etc., have been updated. For the above-mentioned models, the improved systems include ABS, ACM, DDM, FCDIM, HVAC, ICM, PAM, PCM, PDM, RCM, SRM, TBM, TCM, and TRM. with read DTCs, clear DTCs, and read data streams functions.

3.VW Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V26.32

Compared with the previous version (26.30), 1. The maintenance data have been added. 1. The text library in Arabic has been updated. 3. For LT3 model, the engine system, airbag, central electronic, passenger’s door, ESP, ignition switch, instrument system, immobilizer, steering system and trailer system modes have been added. 4. For 2005- CANBUS main models, the service lamp reset function has been added.

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