Launch X431 diagun iii is so popular now, and many users got problem with how to use it. As the next is the detail steps to use x431 diagun iii to connect with the vehicle.

Launch x431 diagun iii from

1.Always use the OEM connector that comes with the X-431, even if the vehicle has an OBDII socket.

2.If the unit is cold, the monitor may not function properly. Allow it to warm up before using.

3.The X-431 is powered by the vehicle’s battery. If the battery voltage is less than 10, the unit will notify you by beeping.


The detail steps:
1. Take the appropriate connector and attach it to the free end of the main cable. Then take that end and attach it to the car.
2. Turn on the X-431.
3. Allow it to run until you see “LAUNCH” displayed across the screen. Then press the Hot Key (button above the power key).
4. Touch START.
5. Select the car line to which you are connected (we have selected Volkswagen). From this point on, the X-431 mirrors the OEM factory tool.
6. Choose the software version that you would like to use to scan the vehicle (keep in mind that you may have only one version because that is all you have downloaded so far. If you would like multiple versions, go back to and download previous versions).
The latest version will be listed on top. Select it and then press OK.
NOTE : If you have more than four versions stored on your CF Card, you need to press Page Down to see the remaining versions.
7. The Smartbox will now be initiliazed (that is, the software stored on the CF Card will be uploaded to the Smartbox).
When initialization is finished, press OK.
8. Your Launch X431 is now ready for diagnosis. A screen similar to the following is displayed. (Note, for some vehicles lines, you may be required to select the vehicle model on which you are working before this screen is displayed.)At this point, the X-431 becomes highly intuitive and is really very user friendly. Choose from the systems displayed to find out which systems have codes.