X-431 GDS is the latest scan tool from Launch. It has the same vehicle coverage as the rest of the X-431 family, but with added functionality. GDS runs on Windows XP platform and allows the user to go on-line, wired or wireless, for one-click software updates, repair information on popular sites and even e-mail messages. The internal battery that charges while scanning a vehicle will give you the freedom to browse the device even when unplugged. With only one connector for all 16-pin aplications and the SSD internal storage, GDS is the speed champion at scanning. Future expansion with interchangeable modules will include battery tester, oscilloscope with ignition analyzer, sensor simulator and J2534 pass-thru tool.

X431 GDS Features
1.Network Technology:
Supports Wi-Fi wireless Internet communications. It also equipped with an Ethernet port supporting wired Internet connection to achieve high-speed Internet access.

2.Value Added Services:
Provides maintenance information, maintenance cases and Internet search service. To achieve main module upgrading by one key, feedback by one key, and searching by one key etc. value-added services.

3.Compliant with the Projector:
Provide VGA interface, support for external projector or large screen display extension to achieve 800×600 and 1024×768 two kinds of resolution projector display.

4.Module Design:
Adopt modular design concept, and except the main module (includes display, diagnosis, and printing), other modules are unified sizes and appearances to achieve that the customer can purchase each one(s) of their actual need.

5.Powerful Functions:
Equipped with car trouble diagnosis, oscilloscope, engine ignition analysis, sensor simulation, and multi-meter functions to achieve a now generation of high-end integrated diagnostic products.

6.Industrial Computer:
Introduced the industrial computer standards to car trouble diagnosis to achieve more stable operation and more reliable quality.

7.Unique Appearance: fully upgrade the structure and the appearance, fully account of the user’s experience and the ergonomics, to achieve unique and innovative design.

8.Wide Test Range:
This diagnostic software can detect electronic control system malfunction which from Asia, Europe, and the United States etc. to achieve one of the most wide vehicle testing diagnostic instrument of the globe.

9.Quick upgrade:
the software upgrades nearly 1,000 times each year to ensure the timely distribution of the software and the function.

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