Known from Launch X431 Office website Launch X431 Diag Auto scanner is renamed. Now its name is X431 iDiag. As the following is its FAQ. Hope can help the people who has the question about this tool.

Launch X431 Idiag from uobd2
Q1:I am interested in this scan tool can you tell me how to install software how work?How to update software? Can i update online?Will it be free?
A1:You need download software from app store on your IPAD or IPHONE, then buy software from launch website. Software is free update online for one year. After one year, some software update may charges, some may not charges.You also need buy update software from launch website directly.
Q2:Vehicle does the diagnosis is complete in all systems, airbag, engine, etc.? With adaptations and coding?
A2: Yes,it can diagnose all systems. It do not have other adapters, can not do coding.Is only for diagnose.Thank you and best regards!
Q3: I use the dealer number you give me to regirst, but it still remind me error, what should i do?My ipad must use OS 5.0?
A3: IOS system must over 5.0 and you can not regirst this product on your computer.Must regirst through your IPAD and it will not ask you for dealer number.
Q4: Can i regirst this LAUNCH X431 iDiag scanner on laptop or i must regirst it on my IPAD?What is the dealer code please?
A4: This product must regirst on your IPAD, can not regirst on laptop. Regirst on IPAD will not ask you for dealer code.Related post:

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