Launch X431 MASTER FAQ

Q1: Does Launch X431 Master work with Australia Ford and Holden?

A: No, X431 Master does not work with Australia Ford and Holden.

Q2: Does X431 Master need Dealer code?

A2: X431 Master Dealer Code is 86A (A must be capital letter), after you receive X431 Master, please you send us Serial Number (SN), your country name and your Language, with the three necessary information, usually it will spend us 2-3 days to open the authorization for you, after you get the authorization, you are able to go on register, log in and download the vehicle software what you want.

Q3: I successfully create an account in LAUNCH X431 MASTER official website, but when I download the software, it displays “Download is not allowed, please contact the local branch company”

A3: This is because you do not get authorization from us. Please you send us Serial Number (SN), your country name and your Language, we open the authorization for you.

Q4: Launch X431 Master supports programming key?

A4: the Launch X431 Master that we supply supports programming key, but the user must have certain technology and it needs PIN CODE.

Q5: I successfully update Launch X431 Master, but when I connect with the vehicle; the screen is black, what’s the matter?

A5: This is normal, it suggests you the X431 Master is adjusting the screen, after it finish adjust, it will works.

Q6: X431 Master and X431 GX3, which one is better?

A6: X431 Master and X431 GX3 share the same function and cover almost the same car models. But X431 MASTER update via internet one-year for free, while GX3 update via Email one-year for free, also X431 GX3 work with Australia Holden.

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