Launch X431 Master frequent questions and answers

Here is Launch X431 Master frequent questions and answers.

Q1: Can X431 master do Australia ford and Holden?

A1: These two models is not in the list of the X431 MASTER models, it can’t do that.

Q2: When use this SP53-D X431 Master need Dealer code or not?

A2: SP53-D dealer code is 86A. After the customer receives the goods should tell the serial number and customer’s country to the technology to allow the factory opened, opened, only used after registration. Serial Number + Country + language opened to provide these three information and 2-3 days opened.

Q3: Customers bought launch x431 master, says registered successfully, but when customers download cart software, it prompted to “download not possible, please contact your local branch,” how to do this? How do you want to download the client software?

A3: This is because the customer does not open authorize.

Q4: Can launch x431 master do the key programmer?

A4: It can do the key programmer, but it need pin code and customers’ technical, car’ security code,

Q5: Ccustomers upgrade X431 MASTER, but the screen is off when connect to the car, how is this going?

A5: This is the normal screen calibration, the screen can be used after calibrate. Tested and calibrated well, it has not problem.

Q6: X431 MASTER and X431 GX3 comparison?

A6: X431 MASTER and GX3 function and models list are basically the same , X431 MASTER updates online, GX3 upgrades by EMAIL, they are all one year free upgrade.

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