Launch X431 Nissan Diagnostic Software Updated to V41.40

Launch X431 Nissan diagnostic softwared updated to V41.40.  The new version has more features compare with previous version V41.30.

New features:

1. The LASER, HYBRID SYSTEM, and BSW/Blind Spot Warning have been added.

2. For following models, the existing systems (CAN BUS) (including ENGINE, BCM, AIR BAG, HVAC, AT, EPS, AUTO BACK DOOR, and E-SUS systems) have been updated. 2007 PATROL, 2008 ALTIMA Hybrid, 2010 ELGRAND, 2011 MURANO, and 2009 FUGA, etc., models.

3. For manual mode, the 16PIN and 14PIN submenus and tested 14PIN DLC models have been added.

4. For automatic searching mode, the search per protocol mode has been added.

5. For smart key system, the disconnection problem of read data stream function has been revised.

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