Newest Launch X431 Diagnostic Software DAIHATSU V19.93 JAC V18.02

Launch Tech release two newest X431 Diagnostic software on 2013.09.12

1. DAIHATSU Launch X431 Diagnostic Software V19.93

Compared with the previous version:

1. Modified Arabian INI file format.

2. For car models of Mira, Move, AtraiWagon and Opti, etc., the voltage algorithm of Acceleration Sensor of ABS has been corrected.

3. For car models of Mira, Move and COO, etc., the pressure accumulator release solenoid valve of Stability Control System has been corrected.

4. For Mira (02-04 Year EF-DET), zero point memory Data stream of ABS has been corrected.

2. JAC Launch X431 Diagnostic Software V18.02

Compared with the previous version:

release EasyDiag’

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