Launch M-Diag Lite diagnose Toyota Vios review + screenshots


Here is Launch M-Diag Lite review:

Diagnose Toyota Vios 2007, read and clear DTC codes, view live data stream and check Launch M-Diag Lite for IOS Android Toyota special functions one by one in screenshots!
About software:
Find Launch M-Diag Lite for Android app on Google Play only the app named EZDiag and it works!
And purchase this Launch M-Diag Lite Plus and one free software, I choose Toyota.
How I use Launch M-Diag Lite to read and clear Toyota Vios full system DTC codes?
Plug Launch M-Diag Lite into car OBD2 port, the connection indicator is on.
Go to “Full-System Scan” and open “Toyota” software.
Click “Confirm” and Launch M-Diag Lite automatically connect with my phone.
First to select “16pin DLC” (There are other options available like 17pin DLC and 22pin DLC).
Next automatically search or manually select, I choose “Manually Select”.
Then choose platform “NCP” and my car model “VIOS”.
After choose “Without smart” it read vehicle info correctly.
The next menu shows 3 options: quick test, system scan and system selection.
I directly choose “System Selection”. Powertrain, Chassis and Body system, I choose “Powertrain”.
Go continue to “Engine and ECT” and choose to read & clear DTC fault codes on Powertrain.
Click “Read Fault Code” and Launch M-Diag Lite read out DTC P0504.


And click “Clear Fault Memory”, Powertrain DTC clear OK!
After that I go to view car live data stream.
Click “Read Data Stream” and I manually select some data to view:
Coolant temperature, engine speed, intake air and oxygen sensor
Back to enter the “Actuation Test” menu, I see many options available like: injection volume, fuel pump/speed, cylinder fuel…


Last part I go to check Launch M-Diag Lite special functions.
Choose “Special Function” then “All Special Function”, Launch M-Diag Lite special function menu shows: O2 sensor operation, VIN, electrical throttle learning…


Also I show Launch M-Diag Lite Toyota “Chassis” and “Body” menu:


Launch X431 V 8 inch Table Special Function

Launch X431 V 8” Lenovo Tablet PC can replace X-431 V WiFi/Bluetooth and with 2 years free update on the official site. It communicates with your car by connecting DBSCAR with Bluetooth. it achieves X431 series full car model and full-system diagnose function. It integrates more application and
service, such as creating maintenance data base and case library, providing instant maintenance information, establishing public and private maintenance social circle etc.Launch X431 Pro

Launch X431 V8 inch Table auto diagnostic tool Special Functions List:

This option allows you to detect whether the system parameters are normal or
not. It mainly includes: Injector test, fuel pump test, purge control solenoid and so on. OBD2
Take “1# injector” as an example.
To detect whether 1# injector works normally or not, tap “1# injector”, the

system will automatically carry out the function. After complete, a prompt

dialog box will pop up on the screen.

1.Reset Service
2.Oil Reset Service
3.Steering Angle Calibration
4.Electronic Parking Brake Reset
5.Electronic Throttle Position Reset/Learn
6.Battery Register/Battery Maintenance
7.ABS Bleeding
8.Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset
9.Diesel Particulate Filer(DPF) Regeneration

More information pls visit:

Launch X431 V (X431 Pro) 8″ Full System Android Scan Lenovo Tablet review

Launch X431 V (X431 Pro) 8″ Full System Android Scan Lenovo Tablet, made by the launch technologies and with bigger display 8″, you are bound to see why most people run over heals buying Launch X431 V. One thing is for sure, Launch X431 V OBD2 scan tool stands out among the rest when it comes to the uniqueness in terms of features and functions.
The reason why should buy this Launch X431 V 8″ Product:
Launch X431 V 8″ benefits:
  1. Quick and efficient data coding with higher configuration and bigger display–with All the hallmarks of a fast device, the mechanic and the driver are at peace in getting fast data coding and repairs. This reduces the repair time and the amount of money likely spent on the other repair processes.
1) Here Launch X431 V 7.0 inch configuration (Item No. SP183)
Operating System: Android
CPU: Dual core 1GHz
Battery: 3000mh, rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Extension memory card: 32G Micro SD(TF) card supported
Memory: 512MB
Storage capacity: 2GB
Display: 7.0 inch 1024X600 display
Touch screen: 5 points capacitive touch screen
2) Here Launch X431 V 8inch configuration (Item No. SP183-D)
Operating system: Android 4.2
CPU: Quad core 1.3 GHz
Display: 8″ 1280 x 800 IPS display with 189 ppi
Capacity (internal / SD card): 16GB (expandable by up to 32 GB)
Battery: 4200mh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Camera: Front-facing 2 MP camera and rear-facing 5 MP camera with 1080p HD video recording
Communication: Wi-Fi: WLAN 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Here Launch X431 V (X431 Pro) 8″ Lenovo Tablet front and back side:
  1. Directly use without activation – usually the Launch X431 including X431 V 7″ is required to send the seller with country, language required and serial number to authorize, then wait 2 working days then you can register and download the software. But Launch X431 V 8″ needs not active but directly register member and go on operate.
  1. Multi-language available– Launch X431 V 8″ OBD scanner has the interface covering several universal languages. The mechanic needs no effort in trying to get translations in as far as the code meanings and repair formulas are concerned.
  1. Wide compatibility– Covering 100 European, American and Asian cars, the device has what it takes to be used globally. The addition of the Indian Malaysian Austrian car models makes its use even more widespread.
  1. Communicate with WIFI Bluetooth –Launch X431 V (X431 Pro) 8″ Full System Android Scan Lenovo Tablet, designed with Bluetooth, has been attributed to solve this confusion that when you have been struggling with most of the plug- in devices which in most cases leave you your clothes with a good serving of grease.
This picture shows how to use Launch X431 V 8″:
Conclusion: Using the Launch X431 V 8″ is bound to save the user from several incompatibility hustles usually seen with some tools. Besides the price is as low as $799 since the only authorized dealer to provide this tool, therefore this is a tool worth looking at. This price fits most users’ budget.