Starting Launch X431 Diagun III for the first time

Starting Launch X431 Diagun III for the first time: How to power on and power off. 

How to Power x431 diagun iii on:

Press POWER key at the top right corner of the main unit. Main unit screen will display initializing interface, as shown on the left. After initialization completes, the system will prompt you whether to calibrate touch screen. Touch the screen to enter screen calibration interface, otherwise the system will enter the main menu interface.

launch x431 diagun iii button

How to power x431 diagun iii off:

Press [POWER] for 3 seconds, a dialog box similar to the following will appear:

Click “Poweroff”to turn it off;
Click “Reboot”to restart it;
Click “Cancel”to return to the previous

For Snapshot operations and other operation please refer to Launch X431 Diagun iii User Manual.

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