Three smart and portable Launch scanner

Among some many Launch scanner, there are three smart and portable code readers: X431 Pocket Tech, Launch Pocket Tech PRO and Crecorder OBD2.As the follwing is detail information of them.

1.Launch Crecorder OBD2 fed into the client terminal via a USB interface. Remote diagnosis has been turned into an affordable reality.Launch Crecorder collects real-time engine data such as Ignition Timing, Fuel Trim and Engine Speed, among many other variables. Additionally, it will also read DTCs for cars compatible with OBDII and EOBD.

2.Launch Pocket Tech code reader is a new generation of portable device developed by Launch for the car owners who use to read trouble codes and clear trouble codes. This product can test all vehicles under OBDII/EOBDII prtocols. This product is smart, portable, and easy to operate with the warning lights design,which mades the product become more intimate. Pocket Tech allows the car owners know of the car situation at any time and anywhere,which is the best choice for the car owner.

3.Launch Pocket Tech PRO is Makes reading and clearing DTCs fast and easy. This tool not only reads codes but also allows technicians to view “new” permanent codes, pending codes, freeze frame data, I/M Readiness Status, MIL Indicator, and VIN information. OBDII codes and definitions are built-in allowing the technician to perform a quick and easy vehicle diagnosis.

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