How to program Ford Focus Anti-theft key by Launch X431V+

Launch X431V+ Pro3 is the newest hardware with Android 7.1 system, works with Wifi/ Bluetooth, cover a wide range of car models, more than 129 car models incl. Ford, India TATA and so on. Here share the method to match 2011 Ford Focus Anti-theft key with X431V+.

Car: 2011 Ford Focus

Device: Launch X431 V+ pro3


Select Ford V46.24

Connecting Bluetooth…

Select “Automatically search”

Pay attention to the vehicle specification and click “OK”

Whether the car is produced before 2008? Select “No”

Select “System Selection”-> “IC (Instrument Cluster)”

Confirm the system info and click “OK”

Select “Special Function”-> “Passive anti-theft system function”

Caution: “This function will change the status of vehicle”

It indicates that two keys are configures for the car, and the key memory value needs to be cleared.

Pay attention to the prompt and click “OK”

Select “Ignition key Erase”

The program needs to obtain the corresponding permission from the ECU, which takes about 10 minutes, and then click “OK”

Read the number if current keys again, if the number of keys is not 0 after key clearing, clear keys again.

Select “Ignition key programming”

The vehicle ECU keeps the corresponding permission only for 10-15s

Pay attention to the PATS Functions and select “OK”

If the safety permission is lost, waiting for 10 minutes to obtain the permission again

The programming has matched one key