How to use Launch X431 PAD V and X-Prog3 to virgin Benz used ECU ME9.7 & TCU 722.9

How to use Launch X431 PAD V + X-Prog3 to virgin Mercedes Benz used ECU ME9.7 & TCU 722.9? Here is the tutorials.

Look at Benz 722.9 TCU.

And Benz ME9.7 ECU.

Let’s go to Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Software V49.65.

Then “Anti-theft function”.

Please make sure a good connection among Launch X431 PAD V, GIII X-Prog3 and the Benz car.

Select “ECU Erasing”.

For ECU erasing, select “Engine Control Unit”, for TCU erasing, select “Transmission Control Unit (TCU)”.

Then “Wiring Diagram”, then “ME9.7”, okay, have wiring diagram of ME9.7, to follow the wiring diagram to connect the cable correctly with X431 GIII X-Prog3 and ECU ME9.7.

Alright, please exit current function first, and back to select “Completely Erase Module”.

Click on “Yes” to confirm the corresponding value, and “Yes” to Backup Module data, then please input the saved file name, and get message “backup module data succeeded!”. Then, exiting system in progress.

Then “Networking to calculate and erase the password, please wait.”.

“Do you want to erase Module? click on “Yes” button to erase.

Alright, you can see the personalized value is “NO”. That means, ECU erasing is succeed.

Good to know:

The step for ECU or TCU are same.

Alright, after clear the ECU or TCU, then the used control module can use on other car.

After install used control module, need to programming, coding, personalize.

Thanks! big thanks to Launch X431 PAD V plus X-Prog3.