Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer Review

Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer is a new ECU clone tool. It can work with PC software to read, write, and clone ECU & TCU, no need X-prog3 or X431 tablet.


  1. Read & write ECUs Data.
  • Support two methods to read various vehicle brand ECUs info.
  • Support Read the chip ID and Back up the EEPROM data.
  • Support Back up the FLASH data and Restore EEPROM/FLASH data.
  1. Support Data Processing, anti-theft shutdown and file verification.
  2. Current adapter accessories as below:
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 1 (DQ200XX)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 2 (VL381)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 3 (DQ380)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 4 (DQ250)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 5 (DL501)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 6 (DL382)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 7 (VGS-NAG3)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 8 (VGS2-FDCT/VGS-FDCT)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 9 (VGS3-NAG2)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 10 (8HP_V1(BMW/LR)/8HP_V2/8HP_V3)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 11 (MPS6)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable 12 (DPS6)
  • X-PROG3 Adapter Cable Main Line (ML)


  1. 2D menu, clear and easy to choose
  2. Powerful search function
  3. Convenient modification of ECU data
  4. USB communication, with a speed more than three times that of Android devices, making it more stable
  5. Easy to copy data
  6. Support engine data validation function

PC Software download link:

Click Download

Launch ECU & TCU Programmer Support List till June 2023:

ECU Name ECU Type ECU Brand G3 FLEX
EDC16XX ECM Bosch Support Support
EDC17XX ECM Bosch Support Support
MD1CSXXX ECM Bosch Support Support
MD1CPXXX ECM Bosch Support Support
ME17.X.X ECM Bosch Support Support
MED17.X.X ECM Bosch Support Support
MED9.X.X ECM Bosch Support Support
MEV17.X.X ECM Bosch Support Support
MEVD17.X.X ECM Bosch Support Support
MG1CSXXX ECM Bosch Support Support
MG1CPXXX ECM Bosch Support Support
SDIX ECM Continental Support Support
GM EXX/TXX ECM DELCO Support Support
SIM271XX ECM Continental Support Support
SIMOS12.X ECM Continental Not support Support
SIMOS8.X ECM Continental Support Support
SIMOS-PCR2.X ECM Continental Not support Support
6HPXX TCM ZF Support Support
8HPXX TCM ZF Support Support
7DCT300 TCM ZF Support Support
9G Tronic TCM Bosch Support Support
ALXXX TCM ZF Support Support
TCXX TCM Bosch Support Support
DPS6/DC4 TCM GETRAG Support Support
DKG TCM GETRAG Support Support
DLXXX TCM Temic Support Support
DQXXX TCM Temic Support Support
MPS6 TCM GETRAG Support Support
SPS6 TCM GETRAG Support Support
VGSX TCM GETRAG Support Support
VL381 TCM Temic Support Support
GM 6TXX/6LXX TCM DELCO Support Support
MEDG17.9.8 TCM Bosch Support Support
MEG17.9.2 TCM Bosch Support Support


X431 ECU & TCU Programmer connection diagrams (2 methods):

In bench mode:

Via gearbox adapter:

X431 ECU & TCU Programmer (PC version) vs. X-Prog3 + X431 Tablet:


  • Work standalone with PC software. No need Launch GIII X-Prog3 key programmerand X431 tablet.
  • Support VW Audi Porsche ECU cloning (thefunction is in the Data processing section).
  • The connection is more convenient.
  • It’s faster and more stable to read and write data (3x times faster than Android tablet).
  • It’s more convenient to process and transferdata on PC.
  • PC software adds MEDC17 ECUs IMMO off


  • Notsupport immobilizer and key programming. If you need to program keys, choose x-prog3 with x431 tablet.


X431 GIII is not recommended to be used with V+/Pros. It only adds the key programming function for German VAG, BMW and PORSCHE. These tablets only have Bluetooth interface, without USB interface, and cannot perform ECU TCU clone function. Only PAD V, PAD VII and IMMO tablets (X431 IMMO Elite/X431 IMMO Plus) can do ECU TCU CLONE.

2023 Launch X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer Standalone Cloning Device: