Launch X431 iCarScan Android iOS Scanner with 8 Free Software

Launch X431 iCarScan Android iOS Scanner can do same functions as Launch EasyDiag, Launch M-diag and previous X431 iDiag. Launch X431 iCarScan with 8 Free Software(5 Car Software and 3 Special Function Software) is only 175EUR, while X431 Easydiag, Launch M diag, X431 iDiag is without software or only with one free software, you need pay to get more software. It is not much cost-effective. You can check it easily in following  bill


From above bill, we can see, if you want to buy 8 software, it cost 280USD at least, only just for software, not including hardware. while pay 175EUR(205USD), you can get one Launch X431 iCarscan hardware and 5 car software and 3 special function software.

Attention of Launch X41 Icarscan:
The iCarScan scanner will not come with software in the package, only hardware. Package will come with Private&Confidential Letter. You can free download Demo Smart OBDII diagnostic software and Any 8 softwares(5 kinds Car softwares and 3 kinds specica function software) from APP. If you need more car software, please contact us to purchase or buy it from app store directly.

Some people may be not familiar with the new X431 iCarscan, let’s introduce the knowledge of iCarscan Andriod iOS scanner to you.

What’s X431 iCarscan?

The iCarScan VCI (vehicle communication interface) can turn your Android/ios smartphone into a professional automotive diagnosis tool. Users can communication with automotive’s OBDII socket via BlueTooth with an Android smartphone/ tablet, to achieve full systems and full function diagnosis, include reading/ clearing trouble codes, data stream, actuation test, adaptation, ECU coding & programming, oil reset, other special function, etc.


Launch iCarScan Highlights:
1.Multi-Language: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese

2.Build-in Bluetooth, easily connects with Android / ios Smartphone and tablet

3.8 free brand of software for you select :
Five car line choice (full function software) and three specical functions choice. If you need more other softwares, please buy it from APP store.

3.Full systems and complete function diagnosis for the most extensive coverage of OE-level diagnostics

4.Widest carline software coverage:
Support the generic OBD, CAN bus, and proprietary protocols of over 70 car manufacturers and 2,500 car models;

5.Support multiple special functions and actuation tests incl:
Oil / Service reset, ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads,steering angle reset,battery matching, DPF regeneration and Injector coding

6.Intuitive interface and easy to use


X431 iCarscan Car Software List:(5 car Software choice free)
European Car List:

America car List:

Asia Car List:

China Car List:


Special function Software List:(3 specica function software choice free)
IMMO & key programming,Oil / Servicereset, ABS bleeding, TPS throttlebody adaptation, brake pads,steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration,Injector coding,
Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset, gear learning

Launch Icarscan Package List:
1pc x Launch X431 iCarScan Connector with 8 free softwares
1pc x Password Paper

In a word, Launch X431 iCarscan Android iOS Scanner can do same functions as launch easydiag, launch m-diag, but much cheaper than them

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