Launch X431 IMMO Plus/Elite Suzuki Anti-Theft Key Matching

Use Launch X-431 IMMO Plus/Elite to do Anti-Theft key matching on SUZUKI via OBD, works fast and perfectly.

Connect X431 IMMO key programmer and vehicle correctly.

Connect the internet and ensure the network connection is normal during the operation process.

First, read Anti-theft password.

Tap IMMO>> Suzuki>> Suzuki IMMO software>> Anti-Theft Password Reading>> 8 Digit PIN

Input the 20 digit ID code (ID code can be read from key programming menu)

Read the PIN successfully

Then, match Anti-theft key.

Tap Anti-theft Key Matching>> Select From Area>> India>> Alto>> Type 3 (KLS 8 digit PIN)>> Program Keys with PIN

This function allows you to read ID code stored in immobilizer system, turn on ignition switch

Read the ID code successfully

This function is used to check the current condition of immobilizer registration and to register immobilizer key, etc.

Perform the Following Operations According to Key Types:

  • Mechanical Key: Turn on the ignition switch with the mechanical key to be matched.
  • Intelligent Key: Attach the micro-label position of the intelligent key to be matched to the start button.
  • Knob-type Intelligent Key: Insert the small key of the intelligent key into the knob lock cylinder, and put the intelligent card close to the knob switch.

Input 8-digit security code


Before performing ‘immobilizer key registration’, make sure that the key is inserted in key cylinder. lf the key is not inserted, click the ‘cancel’ button and insert it in key cylinder.

For the vehicle with the engine switch (start/stop button), make sure that the remote controller is inside of the vehicle. (For the vehicle with the engine switch (start/stop button), do not turn off ignition switch during immobilizer registration!)

Tap “Immobilizer Key Registration”

The previous vehicle information will be totally cleared. Prepare all transmitters or remote controllers for the registration.

Register the transmitter or the remote controller.

  • For the vehicle the ignition switch, click the ‘ok’ button to go to next step.
  • For the vehicle with the engine switch .hold by applying the remote controller to the engine switch, and then click the ‘ok’ button.

The transmitter or the remote controller has been registered. Click “OK” to register another if need.

Prepare another transmitter for the next registration. After replacing to another transmitter, turn on the ignition switch.

Confirm the registration info

When selecting “Immobilizer Registration” of the menu, execute “Read ID Code” again.

Program successfully with X431 IMMO Plus/X431 IMMO Elite key programmer!