X431 PAD V Nissan X-Trail T32 2017 ECM VIN Registration

VIN Registration is an operation to registering VIN in ECM (Engine Control Module). It must be performed each time ECM is replaced. NOTE: Accurate VIN which is registered in ECM may be required for Inspection & Maintenance (I/M). For example, Nissan X-Trail T32 2017 ECM VIN registration can be done by any Launch X431 including Launch X431 V, X431 V+, PAD V etc.

Procedure: I.E X431 PAD V Nissan X-Trail T32 2017 ECM VIN registration

Hook X431 Pad V up to Nissan X-Trail T32 2017, select “Diagnosis” and then Nissan, then “Full system diagnosis”.

Select “The vehicle with 16PIN”.

System selection.


ECM  (Engine Control Module).

Communicating… till 100%

Special function.

Select “Vin registration”.

Turn ignition on and engine stopped.

Select “VIN Read” and click on “Read”.

Input VIN, refer to S /M for location of identification plate.

Command succeed. Turn ignition off for 10 seconds and then turn on to confirm no DTC.

Double check:

Back to ECM (Engine Control Module) -> Vin registration.

You can see on X431 PAD V VIN Value, that means the VIN Number is already registered successfully.

Job is done.

Please keep in mind, if you have any of X431 V, X431 V+ etc, you can also perform VIN registration.