What is Launch X431 V+?

Launch X431 V+ is professional full system auto diagnostic tool, it is the upgrade version of X431 V PRO.  X431 V+ is the newest version of the X431 standard and is the successor to the V, IV and X431 Diagun III versions. It is not only support diagnostic function with wide vehicle coverage, also support ecu coding,active test and reset service funtions.

X431 V+ Functions:

Full-System Diagnoses: X431 V+ enables you to scan full control units for a number of cars such as Engine, ABS, SAS, Transmission, Fuel system, Emission system, Body, and so on. Therefore, there is no need to buy other tools for diagnosing systems, saving you much time and money from the long term.

ECU Coding: The Coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, it allows you to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements, providing ways for the issues of Drivability, Fuel Efficiency, Power Loss, Fault Codes, Durability of Mechanical Parts.

Active Test: X431 V+ supports active test (Bi-directional control) to request information or command a module to perform specific tests and functions. For instance, in the case of OBD II generic information Mode 1, you can initiate a request for information from the powertrain control module, and the PCM responds by sending the information back to the scan tool for display. This LAUNCH X431 V+ also have the ability to actuate relays, injectors, coils, or perform system tests, etc.

Service Functions: Launch X431 V+ provides you with commonly-used service functions(OIL RESET, INJECTOR, BRAKE RESET, SAS RESET, BAT.RESET, BLEEDING, ELEC.THROTTLE RLRN, TPMS.

Launch X431 V+ Full System Diagnostic Tool Reviews by users:


I am still a new user stepping up from an old 2002 trisco technology scanner. With the launch all is done with one hook up and it automatically identify the vehicle and will find all known codes with one procedure. Very fast for me so far. I am just learning about all of the features still. I am very pleased with it’s performance so far. I did a lot of reading on line of reviews and and descriptions. To be fair all of the features are not always listed in the description. I was comparing the launch x431-v+ upgraded with the autel ds808k which said you could adjust idle speed. This was important to me however I found out that through lots of reading the launch is capable of doing this also. It just describes it differently.In all my choice was the launch because it looks so well built and comes with all the necessary hook ups needed in the US. I thought that the screen was very clear and readable and with the built in camera it was a no brainer for me. Lastly many reviews seem to indicate lots of trouble with tech assistance with the autel and no problems with the launch. The warranty is 5 years with the launch and 1 year with the autel and 2 years upgrade with the launch. So far I have had no troubles with this scanner. Thanks for a good product.


I have owned several Snap On scanners and Mac scanners and i can honestly tell you for the price the Launch x431 v+ pro is a great product. The price can’t be beat and what this scanner does is unbelievably. The only thing there needs to be is better instructional videos on what this scanner does and how to use it.


We have been using the x431 v+ scan tool for the past few days now. Have already utilized it a few times, and was able to charge a diag fee each time. Tool will pay for itself in a few uses. Very comparable to the diag scan tools that are a couple thousand dollars and more. Recommend.


I had an Autel DS708 that went bad on me (SD card wouldn’t load the computer anymore, even when I replaced the corrupted files), so I researched for another automotive reader that I could find that had the same capabilities as my Autel and similar price point. Found this Launch product and am extremely happy with it. No SD card loading the program, which I’m so happy about. Love the interface of the tablet, the bluetooth reader for the ODB II, and all the accessories you’ll ever need for over 80 different models of vehicle. Has all the capabilities my Autel had and more. Tablet battery lasts a long time. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.


This thing is the real deal. So Launch is made in China regardless of where you buy it. The manufacturer then sells the to distributors all over the word, in the USA is Launch Tech USA, they then brand the different versions with Torque, Pad 2&3 etc. They don’t manufacture anything they buy to resell or lisence them to Tool providers like Matco etc. Each company adds a slight spin on the looks and naming of the unit but at its core they are the same machine running the same software being updated by the same server every year. In the end you have to contact China or the seller here for customer service, I had an issue where I erased everything on the x431 v+ tablet and could not get it to work, I contacted the Chinese manufacturer and the seller and both had excellent customer service, not as easy as calling the tool truck guy or Launch Tech USA hotline but WAY cheaper for the same exact machine. The US company and the manufacturer compete in the American market and that’s the difference, it’s not fake just not liscensed to a middle man yet this way less money. Great scanner at a great price. Great addition to our shop.