Launch X431 IMMO Plus Ford Diagnosis: Solve ABS Initial Configuration Not Completed

Introducing the 2020 Ford Brand F Series programmable module installation function, a feature that can be conveniently accessed using the LAUNCH X431 IMMO Plus tool. This advanced function allows users to effectively clear fault codes that were not resolved during the initial configuration process. Additionally, it enables seamless replacement of new or second-hand ABS modules, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the vehicle.

Vehicle: Ford F- Series Super Duty 2020

Problem: ABS Initial Configuration Not Completed

Solution: Use Launch X431 IMMO Plus Diagnostic Scanner to read fault code and complete the ABS module replacement.

Operation duration: around 2 mins

Operation procedure:

Connect Launch X431 IMMO Plus and Ford vehicle, and then operate with the tablet

Select IMMO>> American>> FORD>> FORD V10.45 diagnostic software

Select Anti- Theft System Detection>> Automatically Search

Set the ignition switch to ON (Position II)

Identify the VIN code successfully, and confirm if the code is correct

1.Read fault code

Select Immobilizer System Selection>> ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)>> Read Fault Code>> KOEO (Key On Engine Off) On- Demand Self- Test

Read out the fault code and the error is Initial Configuration Not Completed

2.Repalce ABS Programmable Module

Back to ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) menu interface

Select Special Functions>> ABS- PMI (Programmable Module Installation)

Confirm if the application enables the user to install A replacement module.

-Click YES

Before commencing this procedure, connect the vehicle battery to A suitable external power supply in order to maintain A constant battery voltage throughout the procedure.

Do not disconnect any cables or turn the ignition off unless instructed.


-Click YES

Confirm if the original module is installed

-Click NO

Confirm the ignition status: KOEO (Key On Engine Off)

-Click OK

Updating module information…

Turn ignition to OFF (Pos 0)

The procedure is completed successfully.

3.Read fault code again

Back to ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) menu interface

Read fault code again, now it shows “No DTC” on the screen, that means Launch X431 IMMO Plus clear the fault code successfully, and the ABS Programmable Module replacement is successful.