How to use Launch Golo EZcheck to diagnose car?

Launch Golo EZcheck is a small but smart OBD2 code scanner which run with your IOS / Android Smartphone via Bluetooth and access to engine control units to achieve OBDII diagnostic functions incl. reading DataStream etc. Here we go to details. Features: Install on Android / IOS and turn phone as a diagnostic tool. Download Golo EZcheck free APP:   […]

Launch CRP123 and Launch CRP129

Launch CRP123 is applicable for all vehicles which match OBDII standard after 1996. It supports all 10 test modes of the OBD.The Details please check the following pictures. Launch CRP129 is a well built comprehensive diagnostic instrument.It’s not only including full function of OBDII/EOBD, but also support more functions of four system.The details please check […]

X431 iDiag For Samsung N8010

X431 iDiag For Samsung N8010 configure by the customer, as a new type of car fault diagnosis instrument based on Internet application, all models X431 series products, the whole system of automobile fault diagnosis, including: read vehicle failure code, fault code clear, read the vehicle data flow, movement and special functional testing, etc. Fusion at […]

Launch CRP123 and CRP129 Registration Process

1.Go to and click the CRP123 or 129 once click update icon.(Figure1) 2.Download and install the CRP123 or CRP129 update tool and launch the program when installed. 3.You will be prompted to type in the serial#(located on the back of thetool)(Figure 2) 4.After the Serial is entered select update and enter the following information.Click […]

Europe Ford Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V41.50

Europe Ford Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V41.50 is newly updated.  Compared with the V41.40:         The 2.0L(Zetec) engine type of Cougar has been optimized.         The 4.6L(2V) and 4.6L(Other) engine types of Crown Victoria have been optimized.         The 1.8L(Zetec), 1.4L(1.4 PT-E SFI), 2.0L(DOHC Cosworth), 2.0L(SPI), and 2.0L(Zetec) engine types of Escort have been optimized.         The […]

Newest Launch X431 Software released on 2013.09.30

Newest Launch X431 Software released on 2013.09.30   Suzuki Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V34.30   ‘Compared with the previous version:                  The up”||”&”||”#100;ates are as follows:                  1. The ID support has been added.                  2. The […]

Newest Citroen Launch X431 Diagnostic Software V40.60

 Citroen Launch X431 Diagnostic Software Updated to V40.60  on 2013-09-29 ‘Compared with V40.50, up”||”&”||”#100;ates as following:         1. For car models of C3 series/ C4 series/ C2 (After 2006)/ BERLINGO(B9)/ C-QUATRE, total 9 gasoline engine systems, ME745/ J34P/ ME747/ ME744/ MM6LP/ M744/ V34.1/ ME749/ MED17.4.2, have been added with version information, reading DTCs, reading data stream, actuation test, […]

Launch X431 Pro Details

Launch X431 Pro Apperance X431 Pro Main Unit Contain 3 Parts: A —- X-431 PRO pad computer  B —- Protection sleeve  C —- DBScar diagnostic connector X431 Pro Pad Computer: 1.Power Key1) In Off mode, press it to turn on X-431 PRO; 2) In On mode, press it to activate the LCD if the LCD […]

Newest Launch X431 EOBD Diagnostic Software V22.15

Launch X431 Eobd2 diagnostic software is now updated to V22.15. It can test vehicle engine and transmission systems. Supported vehicles: All models with engine meeting SAE J1850,ISO9241-2,ISO14230-4 Standard in OBD2 & EOBD. Functions: ● Reading ECUs ● Reading DTCs ● Clearing DTCs ● Reading vehicle running data ● Vehicle component operation test ● Reading freeze […]

X431 HONDA Diagnostic Software Updated to V44.11

X431 HONDA Diagnostic Software Updated to V44.11 Compared with previous version, updates as following: 1、 Optimized software structure. 2、 Corrected key matching algorithm in 2nd generation anti-theft system. 3、 Corrected the algorithm of ECM/PCM Replacement and MPCS/MICU/IMOES Replacement in 4th generation anti-theft system. 4、 Added A/C System and Instrument System under System Search Menu. 5、 […]

Launch X431 BENZ Diagnostic Software Updated to V46.30

BENZ Diagnostic Software for X431 Series V46.30 release on 2013.8.24 Compared with the V46.20: 1. For the X164/164/251 chassis, the CDI6BIN5, CDI6EU5 and CDI6BIN5EU6 engine systems have been added with Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Data streams, Actuation test and Special functions include:(1) Adjustment of injector injection quantities. (2) Regeneration of diesel particulate filter when driving […]