Comparison of Launch X431 IV, X431 PRO, X431 V 8inch and X431 PRO3

Launch X431 tools are popular among workshops and technicians for their powerful functions and professional service. In this post, I will share some hot-sale Launch X431 tools information and compare their features. First comes the table to compare X431 IV, X431 PRO, X431 V 8inch and X431 PRO3: (Y means yes in the table) Item X431 […]

Ford Focus TCM adaptive learning with Launch X431 PRO3

This is the how-to’s of ‬TCM adaptive learning – clutch learning, applicable for all Ford models. Upload images… Select FORD Launch X431 Pro3 comes with Ford series software V46.24 Confirm Automatically Search Ford Focus vehicle specification System selection TCM (transmission control module) TCM system information Special functions TCM adaptive learning Warning: the function will change the […]

Launch X431 PRO 3 do Mercedes Variant Coding as Xentry does

Can Launch X431 PRO 3 works as well as Xentry/DAS in Variant Coding? Yes. Look here: Run Launch X431 PRO 3 application Select Mercedes Mercedes-Benz 48.20 program diagnoses Mercedes electronic control systems, including power, chassis, body, info, seat & door, A/C, etc. Manually select the model: 212-E series, Sedan, Gasoline Engine, Left-hand steering, Chassis 212.056-E 350 Select Control […]

Launch X431 V+ Reviews – register, pair Bluetooth, compare with Snap On / Autel 908

Launch X431 V+ PRO3 WILL NOT WORK until you do 2 things. the first thing is Registration Basically need to use the serial number from the back of the device. Then you take that serial number and email it to the seller. After they activate your serial number.   The second thing is “pair” the […]