How to Replace Gearbox Module for VW/Audi by Launch X431 IMMO Elite / Plus

Launch X431 IMMO Elite and Launch X431 IMMO Plus can be used to resolve the problem of gearbox module replacement through two methods: cloning and anti-theft matching.

Method 1: Clone

If the data of the gearbox module in the originalvehicle is normal, technicians can performmodule cloning directly.

Mainly Supported Gearbox Modules:

Method 2: Matching

If the data of the original gearbox module cannotbe read, technicians should:

Step 1:

Tap the “IMMO PROG” in the X-431 APP homemenu to back up data of the external gearbox module.

Step 2:

Install the external gearbox module.

Use the “IMMO” function menu to enter the vehicle model software to perform “Gearbox Module Replacement”. Back up and parse anti-theftdata from other anti-theft modules in the originalvehicle (such as the remote key or enginemodule). Load the data of the external module,and parse the anti-theft data out for replacementand matching.

Key Steps to perform gearbox replacement on Launch X431 IMMO Elite / Launch X431 IMMO Plus:

Step 1: Select “IMMO Prog”

Step 2: select “Gearbox”

Step 3: select “VW/Audi”

Step 4: Select”DL382-7F”

5. Select “View Wiring Diagram”

After selecting “View Wiring Diagram”, follow the cloning steps to back up and restore data. And then load it directly into the car for use and no need to synchronize the online anti-theft data.