2018 New Launch X431 V Supported Language and vehicles

2018 Newest Update Launch X431 V 8Inch, improve hardware and newly add more vehicles, with better features, work more faster. And it is stock in uk warehouse, free shipping via ups standard to EU country no tax, the delivery usually need 2-3 working days. Here lets us check the key features of 2018 New Model […]

NEW Launch X431 V 8-inch vs. OLD Launch X431 V 8-inch

Compared with the old Launch X431 V 8-inch version 2017, the new Launch X431 V 8-inch scan tool version 2018 has been improved a lot in hardware including the tablet and the Bluetooth connector. Look at the chart: Launch X431 V 8-inch NEW and OLD versions comparison Specification/scanner 2018 Launch X431 V 8-inch 2017 Launch […]

How to get my Launch X431 V Work with Trucks and Cars

Possible to have a Launch tool for heavy duty trucks or buses? Definitely yes. But you should have a LAUNCH X431 HD Heavy Duty Adapter to work with. With the X431 HD module, you can make your Launch X431 v scan tool to work on: JMC, ASTRA, BREMACH, DAF, ERF, FUSO, MACK, MAN, SCANIA, WP Diesel Car, X431 Diesel Car, CREDO […]

Comparison of Launch X431 IV, X431 PRO, X431 V 8inch and X431 PRO3

Launch X431 tools are popular among workshops and technicians for their powerful functions and professional service. In this post, I will share some hot-sale Launch X431 tools information and compare their features. First comes the table to compare X431 IV, X431 PRO, X431 V 8inch and X431 PRO3: (Y means yes in the table) Item X431 […]