Launch X431 IMMO Plus/Elite Toyota Key Generation and Program

Confirmed! Launch X431 IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite can generate remote and add new key to Toyota no issues. It needs to work with X431 Key Programmer Remote Maker, and update the key programmer software first.

Car model:

Toyota Carmy 2018

Key type:

Mechanical key


Connect Launch X431 Remote Maker, IMMO matching tool and vehicle properly

First, go to Key Programmer>> Update to check if the software is the latest version. If not, update it.

Then, put the original car key close to the X431 Key Programmer to read transponder

Identify the chip info successfully, remember the original car key chip model

Next, still put the original car key next to the programmer

Detect the frequency successfully

After that, select Vehicle Remote>> Asia>> Toyota>> Corolla>> Collora 12-17 ASK 314 Australia

Put the key into the coil of Launch X431 Key Programmer Remote Maker to generate remote

Burn successfully

Finally, select IMMO>> Toyota>> Toyota Anti-theft diagnostic software>> Immonolizer/Keys Programming>> Vehicle mode>> Other region>> CARMY>> -2018.> > Mechanical key>> Type 5 (With G 72)>> Add Key

To clear or add other keys, one main key must be available.

Tips to identify main and sub keys:

After a key is inserted into the ignition switch, if the immobilizer lamp (security) is not on, the key is a main key. If the immobilizer lamp turns on for 1s and then turns off, the key is a sub key.图8-

Insert the matched main key, and turn on the ignition switch

Insert the key to be matched and keep ignition off. Wait for about 60s until the immobilizer lamp turns off, and then the matching is completed.

Back to last page, select Remote type 2>> Remote Control Matching

Turn on ignition switch and open driver side door

Simutaneously press lock and unlock button for 4 seconds, then press unlock button for 1 second.

Result: the Toyota mechanical key is added successfully with Launch X431 diagnostic tool and X-431 Key Programmer.