Comparison of Launch X431 IV, X431 PRO, X431 V 8inch and X431 PRO3

Launch X431 tools are popular among workshops and technicians for their powerful functions and professional service. In this post, I will share some hot-sale Launch X431 tools information and compare their features.

First comes the table to compare X431 IV, X431 PRO, X431 V 8inch and X431 PRO3:

(Y means yes in the table)

Launch X431 Launch X431 Diagun IV Full System Diagnsotic Tool X-431 Diagun 4 WiFi Bluetooth Scanner with Special Function Update Online Original Launch X431 V Pro Wifi Bluetooth Global Version Full System Diagnostic Tool Two Year Free Update Online (Promotion UK Ship No Tax)Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Wifi/Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool 2 Years Free Update Online 2018 Edition Launch X431 V+ X431 Pro3 Wifi Bluetooth 10inch Tablet Full System Diagnostic Tool Update Online Two Years for Free
Item X431 IV X431 PRO X431 V 8 inch X431 PRO3
Automotive Diagnostics Y Y Y Y
upgrade CF Update Y Y Y
Remote Diagnosis Y Y Y
Recording and playback Y Y Y
special function Y Y Y
Waveform Display Y Y Y Y
VIN Identification Y Y Y
feedback Y Y Y
Diagnostic Software 29 100 70 100
SIZE 240 × 320 touch screen LCD 7-inch Tablet 8-inch Tablet 10.1-inch Lenovo Tablet
CPU 1GHz quad-core 1GHz quad-core 1.3GHz quad-core
RAM 16M 512M 512M/1GB 1GB
Hard Disk 1GCF card 4GB, 8GB TF card standard 4GB, 8GB TF card standard /16GB,32GB TF card standard 16GB, standard 32GBTF card
Battery 3000mAh 3000mAh/4290mAh 6600mAh
The Internet
Pexels The first 200 million, or 5 million


In the above table, you could check these four tools and compare their functions, price to choose the one fit you.

Below are the spotlights and user manual of each tool.


Launch X431 Diagun IV Full System Diagnostic Tool

Launch X431 Diagun IV is a wifi Bluetooth scanner without IP limit and authorization. It supports 11 special functions and over 20 languages. An easy-to-use scanner.

click the attachment to download the one you need:

Launch X431 Diagun IV User Manual

Launch X431 Diagun IV Test Report

Launch X431 Diagun IV Battery Test Report



Launch X431 Pro Global Version Full System Diagnostic Tool

Launch X431 V Wifi Bluetooth pad with all software installed inside is the updated version of Diagun3 and 4. It is easy and simple to operate with fast running speed.

click the attachment to download the one you need:

Launch X431 Pro User Manual


Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Wifi/Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

Launch X431 V 8 inch multi-language is a diagnostic tool without IP limit and activation. It supports many vehicles until the year 2017.

click the attachment to download the one you need:

Launch X431 V 8 inch User Manual

Launch X431 V 8 inch battery test report

Launch X431 V 8inch lithium battery un38-3 test report


Launch X431 V+ Pro3 Wifi Bluetooth 10inch Full System Diagnostic Tool

Launch X431 is a 10-inch Wifi Bluetooth diagnostic tablet with special functions supports more than 129 car models. It is a great replacement for X431 Master, Diagun 3 /4.


If you want to more other Launch X431 Products, please click here:

Ford Focus TCM adaptive learning with Launch X431 PRO3

This is the how-to’s of ‬TCM adaptive learning – clutch learning, applicable for all Ford models.

Upload images…

Select FORD


Launch X431 Pro3 comes with Ford series software V46.24


launch-x143-Ford-TCM-adaptive-learning-2 launch-x143-Ford-TCM-adaptive-learning-3

Automatically Search


Ford Focus vehicle specification


System selection


TCM (transmission control module)


TCM system information


Special functions


TCM adaptive learning


Warning: the function will change the status of your vehicle


TCM adaptive learning:

This function allows the ECM to learn new parameters after component replacement, which must be performed as recommended in the service manual procedures.

This function will reset the TCM parameters and execute a series of rountines to allow th ECM to learn clutch, shift drum and TRS parameters.

If these functions are not performed as recommended, it will effect transmission operation and performance.

In some cases, the service manual may recommend.

Performing these functions to diagnose transmission components.

If there is a mechanical failure or electrical concern with the related system, the function may fail.


Ignition on




Perform the function as recommended in the service manual procedures


Make sure that the transmission gear selector is in the PARK position

Depress the brake pedal and hold


Start to set the clutch parameter one by one

launch-x143-Ford-TCM-adaptive-learning-19 launch-x143-Ford-TCM-adaptive-learning-17 launch-x143-Ford-TCM-adaptive-learning-18

Start engine or crank for 5 seconds if engine does not start

Note: do not depress the throttle pedal


Make sure that the transmission gear selector is in the PARK position

Depress the brake pedal and hold

Press the accelerator pedal to the floor. So the engine reaches maximum speed during WOT (wide open throttle)


Clutch adaptive learning:

Return to idle.

Initiating the clutch touch point adaptive learn for clutches A and B.

Note: this function will attempt to learn the engagement travel of both clutches by engaging direct drive/overdrive gear ratios and progressively engaging both clutch elements. Engaging load is monitored while the touch point is in progress. It is critical that the brake pedal be held consistently and the engine load remain stable released of the brake pedal or varying engine load will result in adaptive learn failure.


It is recommended that the engine at operating temperature. The transmission must be in the PARK position and all vehicle electrical accessories must be turned off.

Note: it is critical that the AC conpressor is not active during the routine. In rare cases, mytouch equipped vehicles may automatically turn the HVAC system back to on. Stat following an ignition cycle. Make sure the HVAC is turned off before proceeding with touch point learn process. Depress the brake pedal and hold.


The RPM is being to set the calibrated value


Counting down 30 seconds to wait the engine to get stable idle


Routine has been successful by the TCM

The successful completion of the clutch touch point adaptive learn eliminates. The need foe the vehicle adaptive drive road test


Ignition off


Wait and done!

launch-x143-Ford-TCM-adaptive-learning-30 launch-x143-Ford-TCM-adaptive-learning-29


In detail…


Launch X431 V+ Reviews – register, pair Bluetooth, compare with Snap On / Autel 908

Launch X431 V+ PRO3 WILL NOT WORK until you do 2 things.

the first thing is Registration

Basically need to use the serial number from the back of the device. Then you take that serial number and email it to the seller. After they activate your serial number.


The second thing is “pair” the wireless OBD2 connector:

you have to “pair” the wireless OBD2 connector to this. Somewhere on one of the diagnostic screens, up in the corner or something, it will ask you for the number that is on the wireless OBD2 connector. You have to put that in and essentially pair them, before this can work. That way if you ever lose the wireless connector, you can just buy another one for cheap and pair that one. Once they’re paired, you don’t have to do it again. But you won’t be using it until you do it.


After complete the two things, you could download all the updates directly on the device



The interface is like your standard Android tablet and it updates just like you would update your laptop computer. When I contacted the seller, who was very helpful, he did mention that the update timeframe is one year. But he assured me that the product can be used for many years afterwards with no worries. So as long as you are not constantly working on the latest models or cars, this should not be an issue.


Test report on what can work:

  1. I have used X431 PRO3 on many cars in my shop under repairing ,Incompatible with none of them. Bunches of special functions really helped me a lot. Far way beyond my expectations. This absolutely is the best no matter consider the price and functions.

  1. read code and clear fault memory and etc. The function of reading DTC can display the detailed information of DTC records retrieved from the vehicle’s control system, which is really helpful. This device also has many powerful special functions which can nearly diagnose every module of full systems of cars.


  1. The diagnostic connector of this device only for 12V car diagnosis.


  1. X431 PRO3 scanner worked flawlessly in Mexico and was put up to the test with vehicles from Latin America and US, it connected with various makes and models, so far ever thing we throw at it, communicates with.It has also communicated with the Nissans 4 cylinder diesel engines and many other small diesel engines sold in Latin America.
    One more comment, the scanner has a 10 inch display and connects via Bluetooth which makes connectivity much more easier and clean, no more cables hanging or keys to insert, the battery life is great and you even get all the other amenities that android offers. it has a front and rear facing camera and the case is made up of a combination of plastic and rubber to protect it from drops. Inside the box comes all the connections and adapters needed for OBD2 and OBD1.

    One more, this buy came with free two year updates which leaves us with a total of three year vehicle coverage which is hard to find.

    I would definitely recommend this X431 PRO3 scanner to all of you who want an OE level device and even for the professionals.


Compare with $8,000 Snap On units:

In my opinion, its well worth the money. It does the same thing all those overpriced $8,000 Snap On units do, for 1/6th of the price. Snap on can’t write the info reading software for the cars, they must rely on the manufacturer to tell them everything. So in that way, they’re no different. And look it up, that’s the only real way that matters. Anything else is just fluff and puff you don’t need. Buy X431 V+ PRO3, instead of getting ripped off. Now there is something that I think the company should be more clear about. This WILL NOT WORK until you do 2 things. You must email them your serial number. It’s useless until you do that. Apparently they’ve had a lot of knock offs, so they’re protecting their IP by having you email them before you can actually download the necessary software for it. That confused me initially, as it wasn’t mentioned in the paperwork. At least nowhere that I could see.

Actually, it’s not a fair comparison due to the Snap On being much more expensive and also has built in lab scope, etc


Compare with Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P:

X431 V+ PRO3 scanner is a great ADDITION to have if you already have some better ones. The newest version of the software only allows you to view 4 DATA PIDS at a time!!!!

I also own an Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P and it is at least twice as good as the Launch, for about €2300


In conclusion:

X431 V+ PRO3 scanner will do most of what you need but if you are a professional tech, this should only be considered as a back up or to try when your primary scanner fails to have certain feature.


How long X431 V+ PRO3 can be used:

I checked a few user groups on facebook and this seems to be the general consensus, that the useful life of one of these expensive auto scanning diagnostic tools is about 5 years (assuming you haven’t beat it to death before then), and that Launch makes the best third party tool out there.


Thanks to the real X431 V+ PRO3 scanner users of

More to be continued……