How to Fix Launch X431 Tablet Firmware?

Sometimes, Launch X431 diagnostic tool or IMMO tablets may appear “Not system is found” error, “diagnostic service failure” error or app crashes, cannot automatically search vehicle information, and cannot charge problems. Don’t worry! Just update software and fix firmware.

Customer problems:

1.Launch X431 Pro5 appeared “No system is found” Error

It cannot scan vehicle information, and gave “no system is found” error.

Bluetooth connector is connected and ignition is turned to ON position.

2.X431 Pros Mini failed to automatically search vehicle information and the automatic vehicle search does not work

3.X431 Pad VII cannot charge with the original charger, app keeps stopping, and receives the notes “Diagnostic service failure, please start it again”.

4.When open the Launch tool, App crashes.

The solution:

Step 1:

Check if the Bluetooth connector indicator turns on or not

If no, unplug and plug again. If still fails, there may be something wrong with the BT connector.

If yes, do a Launch X431 firmware fix as following:

Step 2:

Update software and fix the firmware.

Firmware fix path:

  • Open X431 APP, tap User Info>> Firmware Fix>> Press Firmware Fix>> Scan Bluetooth connector

  • For X431 PAD5/Launch  X431 PAD7,tap User Info>> Fix connector firmware/system>> Fix Connector Firmware or Fix Connector System

If SmartLink VCI turns black screen, do a firmware fix.