Launch X431 PAD VII Review:Unexpected High-end Diagnostic Tool

Launch X431 PAD VII Unexpected High-end Diagnostic Tool is a developed by LAUNCH’s advanced diagnosing technology. It has powerful hardware features a 13.3 “IPS capacitive touch screen with a 1920 x 1080 dots resolution. It has an Octa-core of 2GHz processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB Memory,32 service functions, and a Smartlink remote diagnosis.

Additionally, the diagnostic tool has topology mapping and a new module, “MALL”, enabling users to upgrade it with diagnosis software.

Launch X431 Pad 7 Tablet is with Android 9.0 system and offers the best OE-level diagnostics coverage with multi-task cable software. Further, it supports eight extended modules, including oscilloscope, video scope, TPMS tools, sensor box, battery tester, key immobilizer, and an ADAS calibration.

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With Launch X-Prog 3 advanced immobilizer programmer, Launch X431 Pad VII support professional key and chip programming functions. Support reading/writing EEPROM, on-board MCU and BMW CAS4+/FEM chips, Mercedes-Benz infrared keys, generating special keys, reading BMW engine ISN code. VW/AUDI MQB platform gearbox/engine ECU replacement or cloning

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Launch X-431 PAD VII covers a wide range of car models coverage until 2021, whether gasoline cars or heavy-duty diesel trucks such as BMW, Benz, Audi, etc. It features powerful special functions and provides accurate results for tests. Similarly, it produces instant, fast, and precise diagnostic functions technicians need to diagnose, research and repair vehicles.

Launch X431 PAD VII support more than 26 special functions, including Component Replacement, Injector Cut Out Test, Cylinder Compression Test, DPF Regeneration, Wabco & Allison Tech-to-Tech remote communication function, and ability to communicate with ABS and Transmissions from Bendix.

Launch X431 Pad VII Features:

1. Full system vehicle coverage for U.S., Asian and European markets over 110 brands, which is continually updated
2. Upgrade and expand the X-431 PAD VII with more software and service via the new module ‘MALL’ as demanded
3. Real-time voltage display helps technician to monitor the voltage condition of vehicle during the diagnosis
4. Topology mapping gives a visual checking on DTCs and all systems communication status
5. Support automotive communication protocols CAN/CANFD/DoIP and automotive communication standards J2534/D-PDU/RP1210
6. Auto-detects the communications protocol of the vehicle and assist to check automotive OBDII port pin damaged or not
7. Intelligent diagnostic enable identify VIN automatically and access system quickly
8. Guided function for VW and AUDI
9. Optional ADAS calibration function increases more revenue
10. Advanced coding and programming function
11. An extended solutio to support TPMS service
12. 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual band communication ensures quick and stable connection
13. Empower technician to diagnose light, medium & heavy duty vehicles with Smarlink C
14. The basic functions include read & clear DTC, remote diagnosis, Bi-directional control, live data graph, wireless software update etc.
15. Build-in repair information and training video modules help to track and fix issue fast

Launch X431 Pad VII Unboxing:

Launch X431 Pad VII Price:

Launch X431 Pad VII price in UOBDII.COM is about $3699, It is an ideal choice for auto repair shop and professional mechanic,One is Enough.

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