Launch x431 trucks scan tool

Looking for a Launch scan tool for truck diagnostic & programming… and here is what i found on the web. Hope it’s helpful to you too. Products Launch x431 V+ HD Launch X-431 PRO3 V2.0 Image      Price €1,065 €1,129 Operating system Android 5.1 Android 5.1 CPU Quad-core 1.3GHz processor Quad-core 1.3GHz processor Battery 7000mAh rechargeable polymer […]

How to use Launch Golo EZcheck to diagnose car?

Launch Golo EZcheck is a small but smart OBD2 code scanner which run with your IOS / Android Smartphone via Bluetooth and access to engine control units to achieve OBDII diagnostic functions incl. reading DataStream etc. Here we go to details. Features: Install on Android / IOS and turn phone as a diagnostic tool. Download Golo EZcheck free APP:   […]

Ford Focus TCM adaptive learning with Launch X431 PRO3

This is the how-to’s of ‬TCM adaptive learning – clutch learning, applicable for all Ford models. Upload images… Select FORD Launch X431 Pro3 comes with Ford series software V46.24 Confirm Automatically Search Ford Focus vehicle specification System selection TCM (transmission control module) TCM system information Special functions TCM adaptive learning Warning: the function will change the […]

Launch M-Diag Lite Compare With Foxwell NT510

Looking for a BMW diagnostic tool (with coding/programming function), which tool better? Foxwell NT510or Launch M-Diag Lite? Foxwell nt510: features: hand-held scan tool with a screen, no need a laptop languages: English, French, Spanish,Dutch, German, Chinese cars: Support new and old OBDI and OBDII vehicles:  Chrysler GM  Honda, Acura Hyundai, KIA Toyota, Lexus, Sicon  Land Rover, Jaguar Opel, Vauxhall VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda BMW  FIAT  American Ford  Porsche […]

Launch X431 PRO 3 do Mercedes Variant Coding as Xentry does

Can Launch X431 PRO 3 works as well as Xentry/DAS in Variant Coding? Yes. Look here: Run Launch X431 PRO 3 application Select Mercedes Mercedes-Benz 48.20 program diagnoses Mercedes electronic control systems, including power, chassis, body, info, seat & door, A/C, etc. Manually select the model: 212-E series, Sedan, Gasoline Engine, Left-hand steering, Chassis 212.056-E 350 Select Control […]

Launch X431 PRO 3 Mercedes W212 Throttle Adaptation: Done!

Launch X431 PRO 3 user guide: Throttle Adaptation on Mercedes W212 the 2014 year Here, credits to all working for the test Check connection Run Launch X431 PRO 3 application Select Europe, then Mercedes Launch X431 PRO3 has Mercedes 48.20 software This program diagnoses Mercedes electronic control systems, including power, chassis, body, info, seat & door,A/C, […]

Launch CRP Touch Pro 5.0″ All Include: Review, User Manual, Update, Download

Launch crp touch pro 5.0″ all include: review, user manual, update, download, etc. Launch crp touch pro 5.0″ uk   Launch crp touch pro 5.0″ user manual Ship to the user with the package, the instruction manual with much more details, and includes quick start.   Launch crp touch pro 5.0″ update Tap “Update” […]

Launch X431 iCarScan Android iOS Scanner with 8 Free Software

Launch X431 iCarScan Android iOS Scanner can do same functions as Launch EasyDiag, Launch M-diag and previous X431 iDiag. Launch X431 iCarScan with 8 Free Software(5 Car Software and 3 Special Function Software) is only 175EUR, while X431 Easydiag, Launch M diag, X431 iDiag is without software or only with one free software, you need […]