Launch X431 Diagun IV Review: Satisfied!

Here, I’m gonna to show you how to use a Launch X431 Diagun IV to test a car.

(sorry for the bad resolution of my photos; but the Launch has a good resolution – 1280 x 720 )


Connect it to your car with a 16-pin cable or via Bluetooth


I’m using Honda VCR


Enter X431 Diagun IV app

Then tap Diagnosis


Choose Honda


Then check connection to your car with a 16-pin cable or via Bluetooth

Gonna to the diagnostic test

The interface after a successful connection

Launch-X431-Diagun-IV-manual-7 Launch-X431-Diagun-IV-manual-6

Launch X431 Diagun IV is reading VIN code automatically

Launch-X431-Diagun-IV-manual-9 Launch-X431-Diagun-IV-manual-8

Now, i can see fault codes, read data stream…

Launch-X431-Diagun-IV-manual-11 Launch-X431-Diagun-IV-manual-10

It’s easy to use

Launch-X431-Diagun-IV-manual-13 Launch-X431-Diagun-IV-manual-12

Satisfied! And it’s user-friendly.

Now X431 Diagun IV has udpate to X431 Diagun V:

Launch X431 Diagun V Full System Scan Tool Review