Launch X431 PAD III V2.0 registration and activation procedure

This article is available how to register and activate Launch X431 PAD III V2.0 in step by step procedure.


1How to register Launch X431 PAD III V2.0?

Register from the home screen, tap “Settings”.


Go into “Login” at the left corner.

Tap “New registration”

Note: please supply your real information to obtain better service.


Here you are going to create an user name and password.

Once your username and password is created, you are going to enter an email.


2How to activate Launch X431 PAD III V2.0?

When you get to activate VCI, please take note, there will be an activation kit inside, the box along with the scanner, you will need the card to activate it, so here you will have serial number and activation code.


Once you register that info you click on “Activate”. And you will finish registration.


Done. Ready to use Launch X431 PAD 3 V2.0.


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more Launch devices.