Launch M-Diag Lite diagnose Toyota Vios review + screenshots

Here is Launch M-Diag Lite review:

Diagnose Toyota Vios 2007, read and clear DTC codes, view live data stream and check Launch M-Diag Lite for IOS Android Toyota special functions one by one in screenshots!
About software:
Find Launch M-Diag Lite for Android app on Google Play only the app named EZDiag and it works!
And purchase this Launch M-Diag Lite Plus and one free software, I choose Toyota.
How I use Launch M-Diag Lite to read and clear Toyota Vios full system DTC codes?
Plug Launch M-Diag Lite into car OBD2 port, the connection indicator is on.
Go to “Full-System Scan” and open “Toyota” software.
Click “Confirm” and Launch M-Diag Lite automatically connect with my phone.
First to select “16pin DLC” (There are other options available like 17pin DLC and 22pin DLC).
Next automatically search or manually select, I choose “Manually Select”.
Then choose platform “NCP” and my car model “VIOS”.
After choose “Without smart” it read vehicle info correctly.
The next menu shows 3 options: quick test, system scan and system selection.
I directly choose “System Selection”. Powertrain, Chassis and Body system, I choose “Powertrain”.
Go continue to “Engine and ECT” and choose to read & clear DTC fault codes on Powertrain.
Click “Read Fault Code” and Launch M-Diag Lite read out DTC P0504.


And click “Clear Fault Memory”, Powertrain DTC clear OK!
After that I go to view car live data stream.
Click “Read Data Stream” and I manually select some data to view:
Coolant temperature, engine speed, intake air and oxygen sensor
Back to enter the “Actuation Test” menu, I see many options available like: injection volume, fuel pump/speed, cylinder fuel…


Last part I go to check Launch M-Diag Lite special functions.
Choose “Special Function” then “All Special Function”, Launch M-Diag Lite special function menu shows: O2 sensor operation, VIN, electrical throttle learning…


Also I show Launch M-Diag Lite Toyota “Chassis” and “Body” menu: